For the first time in the history of the country’s higher education institutions M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University has introduced a unique project by opening a SSC in the framework of implementation of the Concept of combating corruption. The aims for opening the SSC have been the development of information openness and transparency of the educational process, optimization of services, creating a culture of mutual respect and elimination corruption-factors.

Currently analogues of the Student Service Centre in the field of education under this system do not exist in Kazakhstan. Official opening ceremony of the SSC, which was attended by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, took place in 2014.

Ermek Aglakov, Director of SSC:

 “Currently, the SSC provides a wide range of services to students, parents and staff of the University. It handles about 40 different operations. The maximum time for processing the application is 10 minutes.”

Objectives of the Student Service Center:

  • provision of timely and qualitative services for students;
  • creation of conditions for the eradication of the corruption offenses manifestations;
  • provision of an information assistance for  students on services provided through the SSC KAZGUU;
  • implementation of new organization methods of the use of software and technical means of electronic documents and mail management automated information systems computer data processing;
  • improving of culture and quality of services, provided for students.



For efficient and optimal organization of the educational process KAZGUU has launched a new project – the automated information system «Platonus» with a centralized database, which reflects indicators such as attendance, assessment ratings of students.

Each student is provided a personal virtual office (web-page) that shows all the necessary information – announcements, assignments, class schedule, review of the transcript, participation in webinars, and availability of financial debt.

Corporate email

Since 2016 every student has free corporate address for the period of study at the university. This established unified corporate e-mail system allows using standardized addresses of all students to inform them of upcoming events at KAZGUU University – forums, conferences, seminars, various projects, etc.

Online application is a new economical and convenient format of consideration of students’ applications in the online mode, avoiding “waste time waiting in the queue.”

Electronic queue

The introduction of electronic queue allows streamlining workflow of the SSC and maintaining statistics of visits. Fixed terminal provides a ticket with queue number for which service is carried out in 10 minutes.

Phone.: 8 (7172) 70 28 54
E-mail: tson@kazguu.kz