A student before submitting an application gives to the adviser his/her transcript to determine academic difference in educational plan and transfer credits for taken courses.

After determination of academic difference and estimated learning process, requirements of the Higher schools are determined and if necessary a student passes entrance examinations on the basic and/or profile courses.

In case of positive grades for entrance examinations, the adviser together with a student forms the project of individual study plan.

Student submits an application to the SSC KAZGUU (room 245). The order for admission is published within five working days.

Lawyer forms the Agreement for paid fee-based educational services in SSC KAZGUU (room 245).

A student carries out tuition payment according to the Agreement.

Student passes Online registration for the course in AIS Platonus.

Newly admitted students and transferred students (from one educational organization to another one, from one educational form to another one, from one language department to another one, from one major to another one) should provide all documents to meet requirements of the educational program of the Higher school.

Requirements of educational programs of the Higher School of Economics (link).

Requirements of the educational programs of KAZGUU Law School:
1. Pass entrance examinations in English subject (for 5B030200-International Law major admission).