An application to the Director of the Distance Learning Center

According to my individual curriculum, I hereby request for permission for re-learning of disciplines during the summer semester (the amount of credits – 6), including disciplines:
1) Macroeconomics – 3 credits;
2) Microeconomics – 3 credits.
I have paid the fee for re-learning of the disciplines fully. Copies of my identity card, the receipt of payment for re-learning of disciplines and the individual curriculum are hereby attached.

The list of necessary documents:

  • a transcript;
  • individual curriculum.
In order to apply online you need to:

  • fill in the appropriate fields;
  • write an application (You can see the sample application by clicking on the appropriate field);
  • upload necessary documents by clicking the «Upload file» button;
  • after filling in all the fields, press the «Submit» button and log in to a Website using your username and password from the AIS «Platonus» (upon successful authorization applicant’s full name and IIN will be displayed).